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Costa Rica - Jorge Vásquez - Catuai Washed

Costa Rica - Jorge Vásquez - Catuai Washed

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The name Roble Negro honours the native Black Oaks, unique to the region. These majestic trees can live for more than 200 years and inspired the mission to work in harmony with nature. On this farm, nature is used to benefit the coffee plantation and vice versa, creating an unique symbiosis between production and preservation. As part of our collective Jorge, Alex and Dani motivate us to minimise our impact on our surroundings and apply circular principles where possible.

This lot of catuai grows at an altitude of up to 1850 meters above sea level in very cold conditions as low as 10 degrees celsius during the night. For this lot the traditional washed process was used. Coffee is depulped, separating the seeds from the cherry. Afterwards they're fermented for up to 48 hours, the cold temperatures of the farm significantly slow down the fermentation allowing for more complex acidities to develop. Once the fermentation is completed the mucilage is washed off with spring water that originates on the farm. The coffee is dried on raised beds in the sun for approximately two weeks. All waste material such as the cherry skins and water used it repurposed on the farm. Waste water is mixed with sugarcane and fed to the cattle and cherry skins or composed and applied as fertilizer.

The coffee is hand sorted and prepared for export on the farm, an unique feature for a relatively small farm. Jorge has made this possible through designing and building must of the necessary equipment himself with recycled material. 

This coffee has an incredibly high density due to the high growing altitude and washed processing method. To roast this coffee we went to the extremes of heat application. The coffee is charged at a high 220 degrees and roasted with a strong flame and high airpressure throughout. The batch is roasted to 202 degrees in approximately ten and a half minutes.

This coffee works as both filter and espresso. For espresso we recommend a brew ratio of 1:2.5 and using a relatively high temperature of up to 95 degrees celsius. It will create a modern juicy and acidic espresso. In filter brewing method the sweetness is more pronounced with notes of honey and delicate acidity reminiscent of green grapes. To highlight the delicate body a ratio of 1:17 is recommended.  

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