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Costa Rica - Diego Robelo - Grand Peaberry Washed

Costa Rica - Diego Robelo - Grand Peaberry Washed

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This coffee from Diego Robelo is a selection of an unique type of coffee bean: the Peaberry. Normally each coffee cherry produces two beans, occasionally only one bean is produced, resulting in the characteristic round shape. At Aquiares this natural mutation happens surprisingly often, almost 7% of the harvest is a peaberry. 

Back in 2018 Diego Robelo was convinced that the selection of peaberries could be an unique offering from his farm. However, not many buyers were convinced, until Bram tried the coffee and instantly fell in love. The coffee is distinctly more intense in sweetness and acidity as the other washed coffees from Aquiares.

Ever since, Bram and Diego have worked tirelessly to promote this unique coffee. It is an excellent example of the innovation possible at any stage of the supply chain. This coffee is selected from coffees that would normally go to the commodity coffee market. The peaberries are selected through repeated density and size sorting until only the pearl-like coffee beans are left. This has allowed Aquiares to sell a larger portion of their crop into the specialty coffee market instead of the commodity market. A true representation of Diego's innovative spirit. 



The peaberry is incredibly dense (800G/L) which is 10 to 20% denser as other coffees. This affects the roasting process significantly. To assure that the beans are properly developed we use high gas and airflow settings. The beans reach an end temperature of 204 degrees in about 10 minutes with 1:40 development time. 



This coffee is 3 out of 5 on our filter to espresso roast scale. This means it can be perfectly used for both filter and espresso coffees.

In espresso we enjoy a classic recipe of 1:2 ratio in 27 seconds extracion at 93 degrees. 

In filter we suggest a brew ratio of 1:16 for a balanced cup.

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