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Ethiopia - Syoum Family - Heirloom Washed

Ethiopia - Syoum Family - Heirloom Washed

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Bette Buna 

Bette Buna means ‘the house of coffee’ in Amharic. And that’s what the Syoum set out to be, a place like home where everyone involved in the coffee community has an equal opportunity to develop.

This lot is coming exclusively from Hester and Dawit's original farm, located in the Tefari Kela in Sidama. It was established by Dawit's grandfather in 1939, since 2019 Dawit and Hester took over to continue his family's legacy. 

The farm harnesses the region’s abundant potential for growing specialty coffee. The last few years Hester and Dawit have restored neglected plots into regenerative agro-forests with modern selected varieties from the Jimma Agricultural Research center: JARC 74112 +74158. This assures the viability of the farm and community for the next decades to come. 

About the Region

The Sidama region boasts a long and prosperous history of coffee cultivation. Formerly a part of the Southern Nations and Nationalities People’s Region (SNNPR), it has recently gained independence. The region’s fertile soils, high altitude and magnificent diverse forests provide ideal conditions for growing specialty coffee. 

It has come as no surprise that nearly 80% of the Sidama people rely economically on coffee cultivation. Village brokers collect fresh or dry cherries from the farmers, which are then delivered to the nearest coffee mills to process the renowned ‘Sidamo washed and naturals’. 

Developing Opportunities

We developed a concept that embraces the complete coffee community in order to create opportunities. In short, that means that we go beyond the lifes of only the coffee farmers and also include youth, formal and informal institutes in the region. We believe that development is a holistic, community based process full of collaboration and needs this matching community approach as well.

 Roasting details:

Ethiopian coffees are world famous for their floral aromas which we seek to preserve in the roast. As these aromatic compounds are easily lost at later stages of the roast we developed a light roast that still does justice to the sweetness of this coffee. The natural process brings out a decadent chocolate sweetness reminiscent of praliné which is beautifully complemented by tropical notes of orange, melon and delicate floral characteristics. This coffee is roasted in approximately twelve minutes to 201 degrees celsius with a development time of one minute and twenty seconds. 

Brewing details:

This coffee is best enjoyed as a filter coffee. We recommend a brew ration of 1:16 to maintain balance between sweetness, acidity and body. For the adventurous baristas this coffee can be enjoyed as espresso. The light roast requires a fine grind, high temperature and is best enjoyed as a 'long espresso' with a ratio of up to 1:2.5.


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